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Comprehensive National Migration Strategy: Immigration policy proposals

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Click to download the full proposal

Click to download the full proposal

This paper has been developed by Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) with the aim to provide a basis for discussion on the future of immigration policy in the UK. It attempts to reconcile a number of seemingly contradictory objectives: ensuring the conditions are in place for migrants and the communities they settle in to thrive, rebuilding public trust in the effective functioning of the immigration system and ensuring that the overall benefits of migration, including the economic benefits are maintained.

To achieve this, we propose the development of a Comprehensive National Migration Strategy which will aim to restore effectiveness, trust and fairness in the immigration system. We make a number of policy proposals which include:

  •  New processes to engage users of immigration services as customers to address the issues arising and work jointly to improve the systems
  •  A reformed system of visas to include a new Talent Visa and Essential Services Visa to ensure a whole economy approach to the variety of migrants and skills the UK needs
  •  A Responsible Employer Scheme to ensure the fair treatment of migrant and non-migrant employees
  •  Balancing enforcement and control of immigration measures according to the rule of law
  •  Establish a Migrant Local Development Fund, based on the annual net tax contributions by migrants to invest in better local infrastructure and services.

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