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‘What does Equality mean to you? What does Democracy mean to you?

From June 2018 to November 2018, Migrants Resource Centre joined the Good Things Foundation Voicebox cafes Project to celebrate 100 years since women gained the right to vote and posed these questions.

Since the Representation of the People Act and the Parliament Act came into effect in 1918, women have been voting and standing in elections. Our sessions invited participants to explore the milestones of Women’s Voting Rights history and the suffragette movement, to speak about inspirational women, such as Millicent Fawcett, Emily Pankhurst, and Malala Yousafzai, to discuss the changes they would like to see on a local and national level, to learn how to write petitions and to share ideas around manifestos.

Our participants extensively examined the definition of equality and suggested that aspects of this fundamental principle are interrelated to the values of  justice, fairness and respect, to the access to rights, opportunities and services, to the freedom of expression, and to the absence of difference in the treatment of all people, regardless of their race, religion, origin, gender and age.

The Migrants Resource Centre Voicebox Cafes served to inspire and encourage women to participate actively in public life. Let this Centenary mark the importance of gender parity in politics and remind us that, as one participant eloquently summarised in three words, ‘Equality is Freedom…’!