General Advice

General Advice (for Westminster Residents)

We assist clients with a number of issues including: Benefits, Debts and Money Advice, Employment, Housing and Homeless, Health and Community Care.

Currently, this service is only available to residents of Westminster or homeless people with no connections to anywhere outside Westminster.

Depending on your situation we will give you information, offer details of other organisations or give you an appointment for further advice.


For information by telephone, call

0207 402 6750
Tuesdays 13:30pm-16:00, Wednesdays 10:00-12:30


For face to face information, visit

Tuesdays 10.00 – 12.30 (Derry House)

Wednesdays 10.30 – 12.30 (Church Street Library)


Migrants Resource Centre
Derry House, Penfold St. NW8 8HJ


 Westminster council