Health Advice

The Health Inclusion and Wellbeing Project at the Migrants Resource Centre aims to reduce isolation, improve quality of life and provide help and support to users who are having difficulty accessing health services or health-related information.



MRC runs a free counselling service for anyone who feels they would benefit from talking to somebody. Run by a professional counsellor, our free and confidential counselling service can help you work through a difficult challenge or develop new approaches to everyday life. No matter who you are, it’s always a good idea to talk to someone. Contact us today to find out more and sign up.   02073549631


Health Advice

MRC can help you to access a range of health services in your area. We provide information on how to find and to register with your local family doctor (GP) and dentist, as well as what to do in an emergency. We can advise you on what services the National Health Service (NHS) provides and what services and medicines are available free of charge to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. We can also help you to understand your rights and entitlements to healthcare and how to make a complaint about a treatment or service you have used.


If you are looking for ways to get more active, improve confidence and boost your fitness, then MRC can help you to find physical activities and exercises. We also offer free yoga sessions for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to help relax and energise your body and mind.

For more information about our health services, please contact us.


Click here to find a GP/ dentist or other health related services in your area.

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