Leave a Legacy

Why gifts in Wills are important

The obstacles that asylum seekers and refugees face in seeking safety won’t just go away over night. That is why leaving a gift to MRC in your Will is perhaps the most special way of ensuring that we can continue to support and protect asylum seekers and refugees in the future.

How to leave a gift in your Will

If you would like to leave a gift to Migrants Resource Centrein your Will, we ask that you contact your solicitor who is best placed to advise you. We do not require any particular wording but you will need to mention our name, address and charity number as follows: Migrants Resource Centre, Berol House, 25 Ashley Road, London N17 9LJ.  Registered charity number: 291789

Some pointers to leaving a gift in your Will

  1. Work out the value of your estate.
  2. Decide on your beneficiaries, the people or organisations that you wish to leave property, possessions or money to. Many people choose to leave a residuary legacy to MRC to ensure that family are provided for first.
  3. Appoint your executors. These are people named in your Will who are responsible for making sure your instructions are carried out.
  4. Visit a solicitor to have your Will drawn up and executed.
  5. Make a copy of your Will for future reference and keep the original in a safe place.
  6. Your solicitor will often store it without charge.
  7. Make sure a relative or close friend knows where the original Will is stored.
  8. Finally, please send us your completed form giving notice of your intentions.

Types of gifts you can leave in your Will

  •  A pecuniary legacy specifies a set amount of money but it doesn’t make allowances for inflation.
  • residual legacy is the remains of your estate after everything else has been taken care of including other legacies, debts, taxes and expenses. It can be all or part of the residue amount that is left over.
  • reversionary legacy leaves everything to a descendant but reverts to the charity of your choice after their death.


Legacy Pledge Form

Whatever you decide, please tell us. It would be a huge help in planning our future work if you could let us know your intentions – whatever they may be. Please note that your pledge is not legally binding. However it will help us to cover the cost of our future work so that we can continue working with refugees to build new lives. Thank you


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