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Migrants Resource Centre (Asylum Aid) announces new brand Consonant

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Strategic brand alignment paves the way for deeper community integration, better services and partnerships.

Migrants Resource Centre (MRC), a leading migrant-led charity which helps migrants and refugees build new lives and participate fully in society, today announced its new brand Consonant. The rebrand follows MRC’s recent merger with Asylum Aid and paves the way for an exciting new strategic direction.

Developed in partnership with creative branding and communications agency Curious, the brand will be launched in April along with a new website.

The new Consonant brand identity celebrates the diversity of the UK and MRC’s proud 30 year-long history as a migrant–led  organisation that provides highly effective services to promote inclusion through legal support, skills development and community building.

Meaning ‘to be in agreement or harmony with’, consonant is derived from the Latin consonantem meaning ‘sounding together.’ It reflects an ambitious new strategy to promote partnerships between people of diverse origins and meaningfully engage a broader group of businesses and other stakeholders in immigration and integration issues.

Wayne Myslik, CEO of MRC said “At the core of our new brand is the idea that Britain can be a place where everyone can belong and achieve their potential.  Regardless of their starting point, Consonant will help people to live better lives, whether that means living in a safe environment without conflict or violence, learning a new language to get a fulfilling job, or working with neighbours to improve communities for everyone that lives there.”

“As Consonant we will have a strong brand that helps us bring people together from all backgrounds and experiences. In this way we will build more deeply integrated communities and ensure people, families and businesses have what they need to thrive. We are hugely grateful for the support of the team at Curious who have freely given their time and expertise to make our vision come to life”.

Curious, based in London, is supporting MRC to develop the brand pro-bono in a partnership that began twelve months ago. John Hall, Director at Curious said:

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with the team at Consonant. It’s been a truly rewarding experience to discover more about the great work the charity does. From the crucial legal advice they provide right through to English language lessons and even entrepreneurial courses, we discovered that everything they do is aimed at bringing everyone together to create a sense of belonging. We were keen to capture this idea of ‘everyone belonging’ when it came to developing the brand, and we’re delighted with the result. We can’t wait to see how it will grow and develop.”

The brand will be formally launched in April 2019.

Notes to Editors

  • MRC (Asylum Aid) will formally become Consonant and launch a new website in April 2019.
  • MRC merged with Asylum Aid in 2016. We provide legal advice to help people fleeing persecution and violence to live safely in the UK. We also assist individuals and businesses overcome legal barriers to living and working in the UK.
  • MRC helps people acquire the skills and knowledge needed to build successful lives in the UK, like English and computer skills. We help people improve their job prospects, find work and get more involved in the communities and decisions that affect them. We campaign to address the imbalances in the immigration system to make it fairer for everyone.
  • Media enquiries to media@migrants.org.uk 07483 120 703.
  • MRC would like to express its sincere gratitude to the extremely talented team at Curious for their support in developing this brand. Visit their website here.