Payroll Giving

A great way to give more

Payroll Giving allows you to make a regular gift to Migrants Resource Centre directly from your salary. Not only is it a super simple way to support us, but it’s also the most tax effective, because donations are deducted before you pay tax. There is no long-term commitment. If your circumstances change and you no longer wish to donate to us‚ simply tell your employer.

Not all employers operate a payroll giving scheme so please check if you are able to donate in this way. If your employer doesn’t run a scheme, why not suggest they set one up?  The HM Revenue & Customs website has detailed information about how to set up a scheme.


Set up your payroll donation

To set up your donation, simply:

  • Fill in our online form below to set up a donation from your salary .
  • We’ll notify your payroll department who will then take a pre-tax deduction from your salary.
  • You’ll get a note from us when we receive the first donation to thank you for your support and to confirm your donation.


How much to donate

Amount in brackets is what your donation actually costs you, assuming that you pay 20% tax.

How do you receive your pay, monthly or weekly?

Personal details

Please fill in your personal details.

United Kingdom

Your employer details

United Kingdom

You can usually find your Employee or Staff number and your National Insurance number on your payslip

Terms and conditions

The larger GROSS amount will appear on your payslip, but it will only cost you the NET amount you have chosen to donate.

The data supplied on this form will be used to enable your donation to reach us. In order that your instructions can be acted on, your details will be passed to an HM Revenue & Customs registered Payroll Giving Agent, with whom your employer has contracted, who will forward your donation to us.

I confirm that my pre-tax gift through my employer's Workplace Giving scheme will not be included in the Gift Aid scheme.