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Why we marched to protest the visit of Donald Trump to the UK

Categories: CEO's Blog

On 13 July Donald Trump’s visit to the UK brought central London to a standstill. With over 250 000 people joining the Women’s March and the Stop Trump demonstration, it was a day of resistance, celebration and defiance.

The Women’s March stood together for justice, equality and peace and Migrants Resource Centre was proud to stand in solidarity with the activists, community groups and organisations that came together. This was a loud, vibrant, powerful march for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, such as the right of women to have control over their bodies, the right to keep families together and the freedom to practice different religions or no religion, among so many others.

Marching against the visit of Donald Trump to London was an opportunity to show that we profoundly disagree with the politics of division and discrimination against women, migrants, refugees, and Muslims. The demonstration was about more than an individual. It rejected the hate and intolerance that has seeped into politics in Britain and elsewhere and has resulted in far-right, anti-immigrant movements and parties becoming more powerful. Just as they learn from each other, so must we continue to build our solidarity stronger and support each other.



Yva Alexandrova-Meadway from MRC (Centre-left of picture) with the Women's March

Yva Alexandrova-Meadway from MRC (Centre-left of picture) with the Women’s March